Tickets expense management

(Simplified bill management)

Dokuflex has a solution approved by the Tax Office, our software to tickets expense management, to automate the integrated management of simplified invoices, streamlining expense management processes.

Since the complexity of maintaining paper, downtime, to the elimination of paper, transparency and management control of expenses..

How does the Tickets expense management system Dokuflex work?

Step 1

Capture a photo from your smartphone. 

Works with any types of documents.

Step 2

Manage the invoice:Phone, tablet or
Web page

Digitizes and stores the signed receipts for expenditures from smartphone with legal and fiscal validity.

Step 3

Approve / analyze / classify or reject invoices.

Adds information about the type of expenditure and payment method. Accumulates costs and generates expense reports. Includes a workflow platform.

Step 4

Accounting costs

Automatic registration in your ERP (SAP).

Displaying expense sheet and income from SAP.

How does Dokuflex's expense ticket management system work?

Benefits for Everyone

For the Employee

Transparent and easy to use mobile application. Access from anywhere Expenses presented correctly and on time. Agile approval process and spending policies Fast payment or refund Time saving No need for collection / transport and storage

For the Manager

Save on time management and get effective control of expenses. Centralized management from anywhere. Know the expenses of the different departments of the company at any time. Eliminate paper storage in the process Automatically post the tickets in your ERP. Create company expenses policies. Recovery I.V.A

Build your expense management

With the new solution you can easily find out where costs are allocated, by cost center or project and analyze it at any stage

Capacities for managing your expenses

It is the process that allows through a scanner or mobile device.

Convert the image contained in a paper document into a digital image, coded according to some of the standard formats of common use and with a level of resolution admitted by the Tax Agency (AEAT).

Any company can choose between the physical and digital file, provided that the digitization is done according to certain requirements and with a solution certified by the AEAT. In this last case the electronic file will have absolute legal validity.


Dokuflex está homologado por la AEAT

The Tax Agency has certified Doku4Invoices (Dokuflex -Travel) as an application that meets all the requirements of the Resolution of October 24, 2007 on the approval process for scanning software – Dokuflex Ticket Management Program.

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