Main company’s problems and their solutions

In most companies I know, there are great ideas and great workers, and they strive every day to exceed their goals and increase profits and social work of the company But in companies there are always some kind of problems that prevent great workers to take full advantage of their work. Although these problems at […]

5 Ways Companies Can Use the Low-Code Platforms to Scale Operations and Increase Productivity for Remote Workers

The application of digital transformation strategies has been accelerated since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses following work-from-home guidance from the government whenever possible. These digital transformation strategies allow businesses to establish more sustainable relationships with their employees, propelling them to move forward regardless of the situation.  One of the most popular […]

Dokuflex a new concept on the document management systems and social intranets

Dokuflex is a new technological platform, which is characterized by its versatility, but with great potential. Its technology is based on the re-use of components that work simultaneously to solve a variety of complex and functional and technological problems, shared by the majority of companies. Its flexibility allows adapting the product to the needs of […]

Welcome to Dokuflex!

We are so proud to keep growing!. Today we roll out our Blog, we will post here any new feature as well as talk about existing and unknown features of Dokuflex, we will also post information about our current lines of development and expect to get feedback from all of you. But first of all […]

Steps to take an optimal expense sheet

A fine expense sheet must follow a few steps In previous articles we have mentioned that the expense sheet is a document which turns into the tool of expenses controlling. It is the place where each income entered the company, is justified; it is a financial accounting of the expenses, allowing also to process them […]