Document Management

Store, share and collaborate on documents

A document management system or software are diverse applications or programs to manage high amounts of business documents for the management of your company.

Increasingly, the work of companies is distributed in different places. It is imperative for companies that have the ability to organize company documents, have easy access to correct information, and most importantly, allow team members to work together on files. Dokuflex brings all these capabilities and more, in a powerful and simple cloud-based document management solution designed specifically for growing businesses. It is a high security web environment where you can store, organize, search, collaborate and manage access to documents from any web enabled PC and Mac in the world.

Safe storage
Store documents online in a family folder structure that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Share. Share documents and folders with colleagues, clients, partners anywhere in the world. Permissions Finely apply access management policy controls, and the level of access to the files. Collaboration of archives. Work together on common file types with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world.

Features of our document manager

Document Management (Doku4Documents)

  • Visualization through a specific viewer different formats (Office, photos, videos, audio, flash, pdf, AutoCad, …)
  • Version control and access control. Metadata and configurable document types
  • Comments on the document and teamwork
  • Tags and associated workflows
  • Linked documents (document stapling) Check-in / Check-out
  • Public documents and sending documents to internal and external users
  • OCR: classifies the document and assigns it the corresponding labels
  • Advanced OCR mode, OCR as a service Full-text search
  • Start Document Approval Workflwows

Document Management (Doku4Documents)

  • Integration with Microsoft Outloook: Both the attached files that you receive in your emails and the content of the same email, keep it integrated in the platform. Easily create tasks from received emails.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office (Manage your documents from MS Word, MS Excel, … directly versions documents, edit, record, …)
  • Doku4Explorer. Windows client to access Dokuflex
  • FileSync. Always have your files synchronized and work offline on them

Advantages of document management for companies

Any company reduces time and costs in the long term by using a document management program.

Whether you have a small, medium or large company located in Spain or abroad you have to be aware of the advantages offered by a document manager. For example, all members of the company may have immediate access to these files, or not, depending on the permissions you want to grant to each employee.

Managing content effectively will avoid unexpected setbacks due to the loss of administrative documentation, something that is not foreseen but that usually happens more than we think.

Less investment of money, something very important for reducing costs. Automatically manage all documents of the company will not have that work from the corresponding department. That valuable time your employee could devote to other tasks, something beneficial for your business.