Steps to take an optimal expense sheet

A fine expense sheet must follow a few steps In previous articles we have mentioned that the expense sheet is a document which turns into the tool of expenses controlling. It is the place where each income entered the company, is justified; it is a financial accounting of the expenses, allowing also to process them […]

Benefits of the digital signature

firma digital

What are the benefits of the digital signature implementation? The processes are speed up; as a result, it is possible to validate various documents online. All the documents in a process are present in electronic form. Increases the competitiveness due to the rapid maneuvers in management. Provides with enough reliability, confidentiality and information security. Validity […]

Doku4projects for business projects

Doku4proyects continues the series of articles talking about all dokuflex solutions. We had already talked about doku4invoices, doku4documents,doku4signatures,doku4SAP and doku4process. Today it’s time to talk about dokuflex projects manager. Doku4proyects is our exclusive software designed for business projects management, which helps you to control projects of your company from anywhere in the world via your […]

How to avoid the industrial espionage

No al espionaje industrial

Industrial espionage is a real scourge for companies of nowadays and it’s something unfortunately present increasingly in the life of businessmen. The industrial espionage definition consists of the theft of private information of a company by another company, in order to use it or to discredit this company or to plagiarize ideas.