Low-Code no Code

Dokuflex Low-Code allows you to create software solutions without having to develop code. This means you can create applications faster and with less cost/time. Additionally, Dokuflex enables Business Process Management (BPM). Instead of adapting an existing application to your company’s processes, you can design specific applications for your processes, increasing efficiency and improving results.

Get the Maximum Advantage in Your Digital Transformation Journey

Departments and IT create applications on a unified LOW-CODE platform

Predefined tools ready for use in any organization

Automate workflows visually without code using Dokuflex’s wizard

Accelerate using our marketplace with over 40 pre-designed templates

Accelerate the development of your processes and applications with our LOW-CODE engine

Use the same platform for development, testing, and production

One Platform for All Your Software Needs

How Dokuflex Can Help You?


Configure a business process in minutes


Free your teams from manual tasks


Reports and dashboards for better analysis


Integrate with other systems and APIs


Keep your data safe with encryption


Grow as your business evolves

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