Portafirmas (Doku4Signatures)

Portafirmas Doku4Signatures

Digitized signature - Dokuflex company

Advantages of the new electronic signature process

  • Ability to define multiple signatories of the same document / expedient
  • Integration with biometric signature devices
    • Image signature capture
    • Biometric data capture
  • Integrity and non-repudiation of digitally signed documents
  • Generation of PDF documents based on user-friendly templates
  • Organization of the signed documentation in a document management system. Store all the documentation in one place
  • Version control and access control of documents

SAP ArchiveLink integration

  • Doku4Signatures has implemented its own SAP connective module. The HTTP-Content Server 6.20 (ArchiveLink Protocol).
  • This allows any document signed by a customer, save in the SAP directory as attached document, without user intervention


Portafirmas Doku4Signatures

As easy as print a document

Validity of the signature

The ultimate goal is the ability to verify in the litigious process the validity of the provided signatures, which in turn are associated with biometric date to be assessed and associated to document, ensuring document integrity, the identity of its author, ...
It requires the use of a reliable test to verify signatures that does not allow doubt even slightly about his authorship and authenticity. Such aspects as signature time, the venue, the technology used, the content of the signed document or the participation of independent third parties largely reinforce obtained electronic evidence.

Signature based on biometrics

As it happens to the paper, capturing enough of biometric data, an expert in calligraphy can attribute a signature to a person.
  • Spatial coordinate x (t)
  • Spatial coordinate y (t)
  • Pressure p (t)
  • Tilt in (t)
Essential element of the legal security system

Elements of сonfidence


The devices must meet a mandatory requirements of biometric elements capturing, necessary for the evidence formation (trace speed, pressure, ...). Not all devices provide pressure information and this date are very important to make a reliable calligraphic assessment.

The use of tablets and phones for document capturing can not guaranteethe integrity and authenticity of the signed document.


It must be ensured that none of the signatory can make any changes neither to the document to be signed nor to the data generated in the process.

  Maintenance and security are guaranteed by a trusted third party service providers.


System‘s inviolability
The signing takes place in dedicated and technologically isolated application requesting the signature devices.
Trusted third part
The trusted third party ensures that the displayed document matches the document to be signed (WYSIWYS - What You See Is What You Sign).
Additional evidences
Additionally, you can collect other evidence by the device, which signed the agreement, the exact time of generation, location (GPS coordinates), fingerprint, signer photo, validation of official documents.
DokuSign creates an advanced electronic signature on the document metadata using disposable certificate generated with signatory data especially for this transaction, thus approving document’s integrity.
DokuSign guarantees the authenticity of the document by including evidence of signature such as biometric signature data.
The biometric data is protected because it is encrypted in the document that protects the key, which is guarded by a notary.
Single link
Biometric data cannot be transferred to another document because they are linked through the hash with the original document, so the document and the signatory are accurately connected.

Certified card readers

A special approval for these devices is not required and therefore there are no specific recommendations. Any high-quality card reader is acceptable.
(*) The unit cost of these devices is around 20-30 € and in many cases is already integrated in modern laptops

Biometric signature

The following hardware devices will be approved for biometric signature of the documents


  • Wacom STU-300

  • Wacom STU-500

Topaz Systems


  • Topaz Siglite LCD USB 1X5 T-L460/HSB-R

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