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With our solution Doku4Signatures you can sign any type of documents without having to keep the paper with full legal validity.

How does the Doku4Signatures Portafirmas work?

Firma Electrónica y Digital para Empresas

Step 1

Send the Document to signature from anywhere

With the DOku4SIgnatures solution you can send the file to signature from anywhere.

Firma Electrónica y Digital para Empresas

Step 2

View the Document and Sign it

You can review the document from any device. It can be from your mobile app or from your PC. You can always read it and sign it or deny it

Firma Electrónica y Digital para Empresas

Step 3

Recoge las evidencias y certifica el documento

DOku4SIgnatures gathers the biometric and context data and forms the final document, providing the digital signature with the maximum legal guarantees.

How does the Doku4Signatures Portafirmas work?


Doku4Signatures offers the maximum technical and legal guarantees to obtain the signature of the informed consents, LOPD and other relevant documents in healthcare environments

Public Administration

Doku4Signatures is the perfect complement to the electronic administration systems deployed in City Councils and other Public Administrations when the processing of the files is done in person at the public dependencies. Citizens can sign manually

Human Resources

Doku4Signatures offers the maximum technical and legal guarantees to obtain the signature of the informed consents, LOPD and other relevant documents in healthcare environments


Currently, the acceptance of the delivery notes of the shipments are managed manually with a handwritten signature on paper. The signature system in mobility of Doku4Signatures allows the elimination of paper, which is a very important saving given the large volume of documents that are managed daily and that need to be archived.

Firma Electrónica y Digital para Empresas

Advantages of the electronic signature process with Dokuflex

Possibility of defining multiple signatories for the same document / file
Integration with biometric signature devices

Capture signature image
Capture biometric data

Integrity and non-repudiation of digitally signed documentation
Generation of PDF documents based on easy-to-design templates
Organization of the documentation signed in a document manager. Grouping all the documentation of the same file
Version control and access control to the documentation

Doku4Signatures has implemented the native connectivity module of SAP. The HTTP-Content Server 6.20 (ArchiveLink Protocol).
This allows any document signed by the user to be cataloged directly in SAP as an attached document without user intervention.

Sending a document to Doku4Signatures is very easy, you just have to send a PDF together with the data of the signers to the signature service.
To help you we will provide Plugins, APIs and necessary integration documentation.

As it would be done on paper, the user collects the document pending signature of the device, examines it and signs or rejects it.

The Doku4Signatures service takes care of everything so that the signer rests calmly
DokuSign collects the biometric and contextual evidence and forms the final document, endowing the firm with the maximum legal guarantees

The ultimate purpose is the possibility of demonstrating in a litigious process the validity of the signatures presented, which in turn implies that they are associated with biometric data, which are susceptible to a digital calligraphic assessment, which are uniquely associated with the document, which guarantees the integrity of the document, the identity of its author, …

It is required, the presentation of a robust test that does not allow to lodge the slightest doubt regarding its authorship and authenticity.

Aspects such as the moment in which the signature was made, the place of execution, the technology used, the content of the signed document or the participation of independent third parties will greatly strengthen the electronic evidences obtained.

Signature based on Biometrics

As with paper, capturing enough biometric data, a calligrapher can attribute a signature to a person.

Spatial coordinate x (t)
Spatial coordinate y (t)
Pressure p (t)
Inclination in (t)

Fundamental element for the legal security of the system

Los dispositivos empleados deben cumplir con unas premisas obligatorias de captura de elementos biométricos necesarios para la formación de evidencias (velocidad de traza, presión, …). No todos los dispositivos proporcionan información de presión, siendo este dato fundamental para hacer una valoración caligráfica fiable.

El uso de tabletas de firma y dispositivos de captura por sí mismos y de forma aislada no son capaces de garantizar la integridad y autenticidad del documento firmado.

Se debe garantizar que ninguno de los intervinientes en la firma puede realizar modificaciones ni sobre el documento que se va a firmar ni sobre los datos que se generan en el propio proceso.

El servicio y toda la seguridad asociada al mismo está garantizada por la figura del tercero de confianza que presta el servicio.