Manage business projects anywhere

Project management in companies is always on the agenda, being constant and the same every day. Major companies like yours need to create and manage business projects almost every day, in order to earn money and to offer the best product or service that is possible. However, the biggest problem existing in the project management […]

Doomed to failure? Do you entrust tasks to others?

All following examples lead to failure. All: A vague call to your assistant: Can you hear me? I do not have much time … I need you to help me … to make appointments with important customers, you know, don’t you? For the next week … in order to present them some  latest things of […]

DokuFlex Office Add-ins are already available!

DokuFlex Office AddIns are a set of Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 that lets you quickly take advantage of content stored in DokuFlex giving the user the ability to open documents, spreadsheets and presentationsdirectly from your Office applications with just a few clicks. Features of DokuFlex Office Add-ins This program lets you […]