Software for Project Management

Manage Various Teams online

Manage various teams and online projects remotely

Software for business management – Dokuflex is the perfect tool and online work management software for small and medium organizations that seek to provide the right set of tools for teams and managers to manage projects and communicate, collaborate and coordinate efforts through locations .

From simple projects to complex projects with multiple tasks between relationships, its management was never so convenient!

Characteristics of business management

Centralized project management

Dokuflex allows administrators to manage multiple projects with ease through a central console. Its intuitive design helps managers capture the status of the project, pending tasks, team problems, events and much more for multiple projects with a simple look.

Online task management

Intrinsically managing projects by creating tasks, establishing dates and deadlines, distributing resources, assigning responsibilities, notifying and monitoring progress.

Task lists

For to-do lists give everyone a bird’s eye view of completed tasks, pending tasks, even more tasks for them and their situation.

Document libraries and collaboration

Save all documents related to a project in one place. Allow real-time collaboration in project documents by teams that use versions, close the document, audit trails, commenting, change notifications and more.

Interactive Gantt charts

Get a quick overview of the projects with Gantt charts. Reorganize tasks and modify the deadlines, simply dragging and dropping them on Gantt charts.