If you are an important businessman you surely travel a lot. A company requires dialog with many suppliers, customers and to make many contacts in order that the business is started. If you are a businessman who travels a lot, you surely are aware of the usefulness of traveling. However, I’m sure you are also aware that traveling can assume certain disorders for the employer and workers as well as travelling is expensive, it also has some drawbacks when it comes to the management of the company.

Main problems of traveling for the employer and his workers

  1. Receipts We have discussed this in the past, the sales tickets represent accumulation of paper and it is always uncomfortable to collect them, but when you travel there is always plenty of receipts. Starting from the payment of gasoline for vehicles of the company, meal or all made purchases and ending with the bills we do to some customers when we travel to close a deal.Receipts
  2. Time: Managing a business trip is very complicated, especially if it is made abroad with stopovers or transfers. There could be mishaps and delays, wrong station… For this reason sometimes you should coordinate time. option-1
  3. Money: Traveling is expensive and costs money, which could be used in other better way for your company, for example, for making new projects. Whether you travel by plane, train or car, it is very expensive. In addition unforeseen situations may occur, for example, traffic fines that may complicate a task of balancing the budget.Bank
  4. The governance of the company: When you are traveling you can not control your employees properly, little power vacuums and insubordination can sometimes occur as you can not be aware of everything when you are out. In addition, the projects may go wrong without your supervision. You also can not adequately inform and control employees who are in a business trip. group-negotiations

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem is called doku4travel, which is our new solution of dokuflex integrated into our mobile application that is ready to solve all these mentioned unexpected circumstances related to the trip.

Advantages of doku4travel for the employer

Advantages of doku4travel for the worker

You see, with doku4travel both employer and worker win, for this reason if you contract dokuflex, you can improve your business in the way like never before.

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