Addons Microsoft Office

Dokuflex extensions

Addons Office

Addons Dokuflex Office
  • Open or save Dokuflex documents.
  • Be able to assign metadata to any document.
  • Direct access to the latest used Dokuflex documents.
  • Power Assign or recover favorite files.
  • Search of Full-Text on documents.

Addon Outlook

  • To be able to store the Adjustable Files of a mail in Dokuflex
  • Generation of tasks based on the content of an email.
  • To be able to attach the attached documents to a task and to the repository
Addons Dokuflex Outlook


Addons Dokuflex explorer
  • Navigation through the Dokuflex Repository
  • Be able to assign Documetal Types and metadata to documents
  • Drag-Drop Dokuflex Desk
  • Massive upload of documents and folders
  • Retrieve other versions of the Documents


  • Application for uploading scanned documents
  • Upload by blocks of scanned Documents
  • Be able to assign Documentary Types and metadata to documents
  • Firma digital de los Documentos subidos
Addons Scaner