Project management in companies is always on the agenda, being constant and the same every day. Major companies like yours need to create and manage business projects almost every day, in order to earn money and to offer the best product or service that is possible. However, the biggest problem existing in the project management is their communication, coordination and management. Surely you are a busy person who has to perform many flights and travel a lot and you have no opportunity always monitor what is happening in your business projects. Clearly this will pose a problem, it costs a lot to manage remotely all the tasks and goals of the business project, therefore the chances that the project goes wrong are increasing. Although it is a brilliant project, mismanagement can cause many problems.

But don’t worry, DOKUFLEX is the solution that you’re looking for all these problems. Dokuflex is a tool to manage teamwork among the variety of its functions, thanks to it, you can manage all your projects remotely using any device anywhere in the world, from the smallest project to a very complex one.

Advantages of managing projects with Dokuflex

  1. Centralization in project management: Dokuflex allows us to manage the whole issue of projects from a central console, there we can assign different positions and permissions, choosing team leaders and persons responsible for each task. In this way we avoid the feared power vacuum.
  2. Centralized document management: Thanks to Dokuflex the disorder was completed, it keeps all project documents in one place and works in teem. Dokuflex allows several people to edit documents at the same time, what will make working very quickly, allowing also add notes, comments…
  3. Remote administration: From our central console we or the people to whom we have delegated administrative tasks of the project, we create the tasks necessary for the realization of our project. We can set deadlines, responsible persons, edit permissions, assign responsibilities… Almost like being there personally. Also we can monitor what is happening at all times, watching the pending tasks, completed tasks or assign new tasks at all times.

    It's amazing to manage all projects from anywhere and from any device
    It’s amazing to manage all projects from anywhere and from any device
  4. Gantt charts: A Gantt chart is a tool used to show the expected time for each task. With dokuflex we can create Gantt charts of all our tasks, we only drag and drop tasks and the diagram is automatically created. We may also modify the diagram and thus modify tasks deadlines and dates simultaneously.

If you still are not convinced of the advantages of dokuflex, I advise you to visit the section prices. We have three product types, each tailored to needs and purchasing power, you can also request information without commitment and our experts will advise you the rate that suits you and will explain more detailed all the advantages that can be achieved.

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