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Bill Management

Explore a different way to organize your bills
Our solution allows a scanner or mobile device to convert the image contained in a paper document into a digital image certified by the Tax Agency (AEAT).
How does Doku4Invoices work?

Step 1

Capture an image with scanner

Works with any type of document

Step 2

Data extraction with OCR

Digitally signed and with legal validity.

Step 3

Approve / analyze / classify or deny invoices

Customizable workflow

Step 4

Post your invoices

Automatic registration in your ERP (SAP or others).

Aprobación de documentos con Dokuflex



Dokuflex está homologado por la AEAT

The keys to success with Dokuflex

the lack of visibility that occurs when manually processing invoices using an automatic solution that will improve their internal processes and their relationship with suppliers.

Dokuflex invoice processing software automates the process of digitizing, interpreting and archiving invoice data. No matter the volume of invoices of your organization, whether on paper or in any electronic format, the software intelligently extracts important information and validates it according to a set of predefined rules. To simplify the configuration, Dokuflex offers numerous specific profiles for each country, programmed with specific criteria of the country such as VAT rates, date formats and currency codes. It is an easy to install and ready to use solution that can be adapted to your business requirements

Supplier invoice processing can start immediately
Regardless of whether they arrive on paper, by fax or attached to emails, and regardless of the design of the invoice, incoming invoices can be sent for approval in a matter of minutes. The software manages the introduction and validation of data so that the accounting staff only has to intervene when a problem needs to be solved.

There is no overly complex bill that prevents your payment on time

Invoice automation initiates the purchase cycle to be paid. Instead of your accounting department having to deal with overwhelming amounts of paper or electronic files coming from various sources, it will only have to manage the most important thing: the information.

The information captured from the invoice, including bar codes, stamps and other provider-specific information, is classified.
The classified information is validated by comparing it with the purchase order, the delivery receipt of merchandise or the data of the supplier master.
An automatic check of the amounts in the invoice, the supplier’s data, the dates, the amount of taxes, etc. is also carried out.

The discrepancies and the missing information is marked so that the user verifies it.
Objections are sent to an automatic workflow for resolution
Invoices without incidents continue in the posting process.
The images of all the invoices and the state they are in are always available throughout the process.

Accurate invoice processing in less time and with fewer resources
No bills are lost or paid twice
Possibility of taking advantage of the discount for prompt payment of the suppliers
Permanent visibility of invoices status

It is the process that allows, through a scanner or mobile device, to convert the image contained in a paper document into a digital image, coded according to some of the standard formats of common use and with a level of resolution admitted by the Tax Agency ( AEAT).
Any company can choose between the physical and the digital file provided that the digitalization is done according to some requirements and with a solution certified by the AEAT. In this last case the electronic file will have absolute legal validity.
The Tax Agency has approved the Doku4Invoices solution for the automatic management of invoices considering that it meets all the requirements set forth in the Resolution of October 24, 2007 on the procedure for the approval of digitization software.