Digitize expense receipts

I am sure that you are a person who controls every expense receipt in your company and never wants to lose any receipt. Besides, I am sure that you are a person who always wants to know what has been spent or who was the spender, in order to control everything. Well, it is fine, […]

Digitization approved by the Tax Agency

Original invoices and expense receipts are available in digital format and certified by the Tax Agency. The invoicing procedure obligates companies and self-employed persons to keep  the original invoices and expense receipts, both issued and received, during the  5 years following its emission. This might be a problem, because many of them may get lost […]

Doku4invoices for expense management

Doku4invoices for expense management If you have to travel a lot due to business, to stay at hotels, to eat in restaurants, while spending a lot of money, you only accumulate checks. We present an effective solution that will save you time and money. Doku4invoices is practical, simple, fast, economical and effective. Doku4invoices is an […]

Receipts management

tickets gestión

Problems of receipts management Receipts management is approved  without configurable workflow. Errors  in sending of accounting documents. Accumulation of paper. Manual accounting in the ERP. Loss of time in delivering of accounting documents. Difficult traceability Offered solutions Centralized management of receipts. Workflows of approval Control of costs records. Integration with ERP. Software approved by Tax […]