Steps to take an optimal expense sheet

A fine expense sheet must follow a few steps In previous articles we have mentioned that the expense sheet is a document which turns into the tool of expenses controlling. It is the place where each income entered the company, is justified; it is a financial accounting of the expenses, allowing also to process them […]

Expenses sheet, cost management and control

The expenses sheet is a very necessary and effective tool, which is used to control the consumption of the project budget. Therefore, it should not be excluded from the strategies that minimize risks. It is a document that has the ability to collect all data related to expenses, such as materials, equipment, personnel, training, instruction […]

Problems of a businessman within a business trip

If you are an important businessman you surely travel a lot. A company requires dialog with many suppliers, customers and to make many contacts in order that the business is started. If you are a businessman who travels a lot, you surely are aware of the usefulness of traveling. However, I’m sure you are also […]

Approval workflow of expenses sheets

Сosts is one of the most important issues in the company while performing an accounting. If you are a good businessman you always want to know where the expenses come from, whether to make any adjustment in order to save money, to know where spend or to know when you’re spending too much money in […]