Benefits of the digital signature

Benefits of the digital signature

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What are the benefits of the digital signature implementation?

  • The processes are speed up; as a result, it is possible to validate various documents online.
  • All the documents in a process are present in electronic form.
  • Increases the competitiveness due to the rapid maneuvers in management.
  • Provides with enough reliability, confidentiality and information security.
  • Validity with difficult repudiation.
  • Ensures and validates the identity and the audit of the signatory, as well as the integrity of an electronic document.
  • Has better legal assurance than a handwritten signature.
  • It’s possible to process various documents faster.
  • It’s possible to sign remotely, that no entails a physical transfer. The avoidance of movements saves the time.
  • Сost saving and effectiveness
  • The documents can be stored digitally, without paper that results in the cost and space savings. Also this form of archiving allows finding files and documents easier and quicker, due to the different computer search tools.
  • No problems with distance, a person will be able to sign a document even if he/she is in another city or even another country. This makes processes to be more efficient and faster.
  • No doubt, it’s much safer than a handwritten signature, since it is much more difficult to impersonate an identity.
  • The stoppage of paper and ink consumption results in the tangible costs savings and, at the same time, helps reducing the deforestation to the planet.

Thus it can be highlighted the three main features and benefits of the digital signature implementation:

  1. Non-repudiation: at no time the signatory may deny the document content or that he was who did the above signature.
  2. Integrity: it’s possible to ensure that at any time all the provided information hasn’t been modified after it had been signed.
  3. Authentication: it’s possible to verify who he/she claims to be.
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