Benefits of the digital signature

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What are the benefits of the digital signature implementation? The processes are speed up; as a result, it is possible to validate various documents online. All the documents in a process are present in electronic form. Increases the competitiveness due to the rapid maneuvers in management. Provides with enough reliability, confidentiality and information security. Validity […]

Differences between digital signature and digitized signature

In previous articles we have clarified the difference between digital signature and electronic signature. Today we are going to clarify the differences between digital signature and digitized signature, which are also often confused. As we have seen in the previous document, the digital signature is one that is done by a mathematical encryption which gives […]

Differences between electronic and digital signatures

At first sight you may think that these two signatures are exactly the same, and in fact, they are often mentioned one or the other without difference, however, these two kinds of signatures are not equal, and it is important to distinguish them, especially if we move in a business administrative world. Here we will […]