All following examples lead to failure. All: A vague call to your assistant:

Can you hear me? I do not have much time … I need you to help me … to make appointments with important customers, you know, don’t you? For the next week … in order to present them some  latest things of the product, right?”

An ambiguous email  from your boss

“There should be reduced the overall costs somehow… yesterday…”

A long meeting where many different issues are discussed:

“-Ok, guys, we have to update the big part of our catalogue shortly…

The above examples are full of uncertainties: Which customers should be invited and which ones should not? How these meetings should be arranged? What should we mention? When exactly should the meeting be scheduled? Which part of the catalogue do we have to change and which do not? What does it mean “shortly”? Where do we have to reduce the costs? What percent should be lowered? What expenditure is untouchable? What is the deadline? When you ask for things on the phone, at meetings or by e-mail.. it does not guarantee that they will be executed on time and in the right form, sometimes they are even not going to be executed. What day / time must they be done? What details should the “performer” take into account? Who should be involved?… Definition, or better, an element of uncertainty in our request, often results in that this person simply cannot execute it properly (or, at least, this is a reason, so as not to perform it….now you know what I mean). In case, when we are commissioned to do something, we would like to have a tool (or a cause), which would force the other person to define better, for example, deadlines, sub-phases, including the acceptable level of cost. Now you also understand me, don’t you? In Dokuflex we know that the work of organizations is based on the performance of some processes and projects, and these  are sub-divided, in turn, into tasks; that’s why , we have decided to do the best in the software development to provide our customers with a tool, which will really help them to make clear their work for themselves and for others … How? Well, following the same basis of “the delegation of tasks”, which the professionals of management companies know for a long time:

The dokuflex tasks delegation

Accuracy:   The system allows each person to know clearly what he/she has to do (times, phases, sub-tasks, assistants..). Supervision:  So you can always watch the execution of the entrusted task (never wait until the end to see if something is going well!) Interconnection: Allows several people working together on related projects, because the teamwork is much more effective than working alone. And what is the best of all this? That the organizations don’t have to develop expensive tools for their tasks, because our company has already given at your disposal a powerful application (Project Management), easy to customize and ready to start working   for you tomorrow. Why are you waiting to call us? We are sure one day all companies will work with such systems like this. So why don’t we use it to get ahead?

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