How to avoid the industrial espionage

How to avoid the industrial espionage

No al espionaje industrial

Industrial espionage is a real scourge for companies of nowadays and it’s something unfortunately present increasingly in the life of businessmen. The industrial espionage definition consists of the theft of private information of a company by another company, in order to use it or to discredit this company or to plagiarize ideas. In the midst of the digital era and globalization all companies are vulnerable to this fearful espionage by other companies. No doubt, to have everything protected is indispensable to get a high security level, since no one likes to be robbed or plagiarized.

Industrial espionage: how to avoid it

  • Connections encryption: Any attacker who has a slight knowledge of computers can utilize any attack system like «the man in the middle» or sniffing, to filter everything that goes through your network. For example, if you save your invoices in the SAP in your computer, the attacker can enter the media and deprive you of all the data. To avoid this, you can use doku4SAP, our solution for SAP servers with encrypted HTTPS to encode all the connections of your company.
  • Access control: Any self-respecting company needs of an access control, which is a mechanism to control: who enters and who exits the system. Our dokuflex platform allows you creating the desirable users and assigning them the permissions you want.
  • Documents security: The confidential information in the documents can be subjected of being stolen. From a start-up project up to an income declaration of the company, everything can be stolen if we let it sweat. That’s why our solution doku4documents classifies, assure and synchronizes all documentation of your company.
  • Avoid identity theft: Although we do access controls, always someone skillful may steal authorized credentials of the user and impersonate his identity to access the data. With our solution we can realize doku4signatures electronic signature, digital signature and digital certificates.
  • Paper care: It’s possible to save all the company’s information in paper as well as in the documents. Now I mean invoices, receipts … which can reveal, for example, that you are engaging to a provider to fabricate a new product and to bring it out to the market. With our Doku4invoices solution, you can digitize all the expense receipts and get rid of paper, turning your company in a paperless one.

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